Our Partnership with Plastics For Change

How We Work Together

Everyone knows that plastic is bad for the planet. However, few people understand the human side of this story though.

Our first project is called ‘Namma Mane’ which means ‘Our Home’. In conjunction with Plastics For Change, this World Fair Trade Organisation accredited project takes plastic waste from the environment and converts it into building materials for homes for those that work tirelessly to collect the waste the rest of us produce.

In India about 18 million children live on the street, which is the highest in the world. More than 19 million Indians make less than 1 dollar per day. There is a shortage of 18.78 million houses in the country. More than 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated in India every day. 



The people who work tirelessly collecting waste to support themselves and their families have a low social status, deplorable living and working conditions and little support from local government.

By creating sustainable livelihoods for the ‘urban poor’ and recycled plastic waste, we reduce hunger, give access to education, improve gender equality, create resilient and inclusive communities. It also stops the open burning of plastics which causes disease and pollution, and reduces the use of virgin plastics.



Meet Jayakar

This is Jayakar. His story is one of resilience and growth. Born into a waste-picking community, he was forced into a life of labour at a very young age - having to forgo most of his schooling. He’s however made the most of his life and has grown into a dependable figure in his local community and currently supports a household of eight individuals.


Jayakar’s tale is one among the many stories you can find if you get to know the waste-picker community of India. While they provide an essential service to society and drive the nation’s solid waste management, they’ve been subjected to social stigma, a lack of social security and terrible living conditions. In coastal cities like Mangalore they’ve been the last line of defence ensuring that plastic waste does not enter our oceans.



"We hope that the ‘Namma Manne’ shelter project will be a step forward in uplifting this community that has been serving our nation for so long and that Jayakar’s house will be the first of many."

- Petrice Jones, Founder

About Plastics For Change

Shifrah Jacobs
Chief Impact Officer, Plastics for Change

“The Plastics for Change India Foundation is very pleased to partner with One Movement and kick-start the ‘Namma Manne’ (Our Home in English) project. Solving two of our planet's most pressing needs - plastic pollution and housing for the poor is clearly ambitious! We’re excited to bring this one-stop solution through this project and hope to inspire millions to be a part of this story."

"Plastics for Change are the first recycler to be verified by The World Fair Trade Organization"

- Andrew Almac, Founder

Meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)