By 2050, there will be more plastic in the world’s ocean than fish!

What we know - by the numbers


Plastic bottles sold every minute

48 million

pounds of plastics flows into our oceans each day


The average person uses 315 plastic bottles a year

Beyond the numbers

(Plastics crisis untold story)

1,000,000s of containers of plastic waste are shipped and dumped (often illegally) in countries such as India that lack the infrastructure or support to recycle it. It’s from here that plastic finds its way to rivers and waterways and becomes ocean plastic.

Informal waste collectors are the last and most significant line of defence against ocean plastic.

The vast majority of informal waste collectors families in Indies are unhoused. They face stigma and are ridiculed by much of society.

Meaning those doing some of the most important and humble work, removing and recycling ocean-bound plastic, are living in some of the toughest conditions in the world.

Learn our process

Our first house

Built from Recycled Ocean Plastic

Help us build 100 houses

Our First Project:

Namma Mane project

Namma Mane means "Our Home".

Working with our beautiful partner the Plastics For Change Foundation in India, we fund the removal of plastic waste from waterways, and convert that waste into homes for those cleaning our waterways.

Meet Jayakar

Jayakar Story

Born into a waste-picking community, he was forced into a life of labor at a very young age - having to forgo most of his schooling.

While Jayakar provides an essential service to society and drive the nation’s solid waste management, waste collectors have been subjected to social stigma, a lack of social security and terrible living conditions.

In coastal cities like Mangalore, they’ve been the last line of defence ensuring that plastic waste does not enter our oceans.

Jayakar and His Family

Thanks to your support for the ‘Namma Mane’ shelter project Jayakar and his family now live in house with a toilet, running water and electricity. This was made possible by The One Bottle, and we have big plans ahead.

Together we've removed:





Our Target:

Stop the equivalent of 100 million single use-plastic bottles from reaching the ocean