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● Earn commissions
● Earn rewards for removing plastic waste
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● Access to funding through our Changemakers activist fund
● Collaborate - IG live interview, Tiktok takeover, we want to share your ideas!

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Get paid and get behind something you can believe in. Making green for being green.

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By helping your friends, family & audience to switch to The One Bottle.

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What our ambassadors say...

“I want to support companies that support Earth and its inhabitants. It’s time we started supporting companies that set a new standard. A standard that emphasizes the importance of reducing our footprint while stimulating worldwide regeneration."

Sophia Esperanza Review for One Bottle
Sophia Esperanza


"I want to mobilize The One Movement audience into creating daily habits that are better for the planet, and I know Petrice is on the same page. I can’t wait to see what we can do together."

Kathryn Kellogg

“Please join me and my friends at One Movement in our mission to help save our planet. We have One Earth, One Chance! Join One Movement now! Let’s work together to clean up our oceans from plastics and toxic debris. Together we can Heal the World!”

Kenny Ortega


“It feels good to support an organizationn like The One Movement, that generates positives environmental and social impact. Our local choices make a global impact. You can sign me up for any organization that aims to reduce waste by turning it into something useful.”

Brian Altemus One Bottle Review
Brian Altemus


Join The One Movement

Become an ambassador and help us build houses.